20 May 2015

Becoming a Stay at Home Mum

I have to admit, when I first went on maternity leave (a year ago today, actually!) I was unsure whether I would return to work.

I absolutely loved my job, but I knew there was a risk I wouldn't be able to return to it on a part-time basis, and wouldn't want to put my baby into childcare until they were a lot more independent and able to communicate what he/she needed... and I didn't want to miss any major milestones!

I know that's not an option for everyone, and every parent does what works best for their family, but Tom and I were in agreement that if I didn't need to go back to work, or that the hours didn't suit for childcare with family, then I would become a 'stay at home mum'.
Unfortunately, the position I was in was on a full-time basis, so I was then left with the option of part-time work elsewhere in the company, look for another job outside the company, or not return at all. My employers were fantastic to say the least, and found a temporary job where I could pretty much work my own hours and base them around what childcare I could get. I could do 2 hours a week, I could do 40, it was completely up to me... perfect!

However, that soon changed when my mum, my source of childcare, got a new job that would mean she couldn't look after Aria. I'm incredibly happy for her getting a new job (if you're reading this, congrats mum! I'm so proud of you) but it then left us with the dilemma of do we pay for childcare which potentially costs more than what I am going to earn, or do I stay at home until I find a job that works best for our family.

So our decision was for me not to return to work. A sad one, I have to admit, as I have genuinely loved my job and the company I worked for. But, I now get the absolute joy of spending every day with my best friend.

Yes, the hours are longer and the job is more demanding, but the rewards I get seeing our little girl blossom every day completely outweighs any temper tantrums (yes, they have started at 11 months!) she may throw a day.

I'm now a week into being a fully fledged stay at home mum, and I have no regrets. Being a stay at home mum just feels right. 


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