11 May 2015

Review | Chicco Disney Princess Toys

If there's one thing we love in this house, it's a bit of Disney! I've always been a huge fan of Disney, and I'm honestly so happy that Aria is too! If it isn't Minnie Mouse or the rest of the Disney Junior gang, it's the Princesses...
Right now, Aria has been obsessed with Cinderella, which is why I was ecstatic to be asked to review the new Disney Princess toys by Chicco. When this bright pink box landed on our doorstep, I'm not sure which of us was more excited!

Opening it, we were greeted with a lovely note to Aria, along with two fabulous toys, hand decorated biscuits and a wand pen (not pictured).

The first toy is the Cinderella Dancing Spinner, which Aria immediately took to. So much so that she wanted to kiss Cinderella rather than play with her (too cute, right?!). Suited from six months, babies press Cinderella down the transparent balls featuring Jaq, Gus and a few birds spin. As you can imagine, Aria was mesmerised and has been since she first laid eyes on it.
The second toy is the Cinderella Dream Highchair toy, which has been a great meal time entertainment. The pumpkin and carriage spin, making a lovely 'rainmaker' sound, and the heart, crown and picture of Cinderella also spin and move. Aria has been so entertained by this we even take it in the car with us!

The Chicco Disney Princess range is available to purchase now.

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