4 May 2015

The 'My Name Is Not Mummy' Days

Sometimes, a bit of  me time is a great thing. A very necessary thing.

Sometimes, being 'mummy' can become so exhausting we forget how to be anyone else. I absolutely love being a mum, I couldn't wish for anything better in life, but I'm not just a mum.

Aside from being a wife, step mum, daughter, granddaughter, friend... I'm also Nicola. Someone who has her own identity away from all these other titles. Of course, these roles and relationships make me who I am as a person, but sometimes we need space to be selfish and focus on ourselves.

I'm making no shock announcement here, but being a mum is hard. It's literally 24/7. But there are days where being a mum is really difficult... days like today!

I realise that I haven't had a 'day off', or heck, even an hour off being a mum for a very long time, and I'm in desperate need! As I'm drafting this, I've even resorted to locking myself in the kitchen and doing some ironing just to have my own little bit of space (although, writing this would suggest I'm yet again finding ways to avoid the ironing!).

I mean, I literally can't even to go the toilet anymore without having Aria follow me in and if she isn't climbing up my legs, she's trying to shut the toilet seat while I'm still sitting there!!

 I've made a plea to my loved ones that I can escape for an hour or two for a 'my name is not Mummy' day. This means going to the toilet in peace, having lunch but actually getting to eat the whole thing, having a warm cup of coffee or even a cheeky Prosecco, going to have my hair done or some kind of pampering treatment...

I feel a little guilty saying I need time away from being a mum, but sometimes I think it's completely necessary to have that space and recharge your batteries. So while I do feel bad, I know days like this are needed for me to be the best mummy I can be!

Do you ever feel the need for a 'my name is not Mummy' day?

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