13 May 2015

Who Do You Trust With Your Children?

The chosen few. The ones you trust with your child's life and the single most important things in your life... So who makes the cut?

This varies depending on the parents of course; some have a select few, some have handfuls. I think parenting styles certainly factor into this. I personally am quite an anxious parent at times, and feel a lot more comfortable when I am on control, so choosing people to feel comfortable leaving my baby girl with is something that does not come easy to me. 

I naturally turn to my mum and dad if we need someone to watch Aria, but other than that I have to say I struggle. I have a wonderful family and great group of friends, but I don't feel comfortable leaving Aria in their care. That's absolutely no disrespect to them, it's just how I feel. I feel like Aria needs to be 100% familiar and comfortable with them, and be able to go to them for comfort. I couldn't bare the though of us being out, and her waking up to an unfamiliar face trying to comfort her. 

I had this exact discussion with a friend this morning, and I think we were both a bit baffled by each others answers. There is no right way of parenting, but there are certainly pole opposite ways. She is much more laid back, whereas I would say I'm more uptight. She could happily leave her kids with any family member, no matter how strong a relationship or bond they have with them (her kids, not her and her partner), knowing they would be fine. I just couldn't do it. As I said, I need to know that this person can comfort my baby back to sleep if she needs it, or if she hurts herself that their cuddles will make it better. 

Is it just me? Am I a paranoid, anxious and over protective mother? Sometimes it feels like a bad thing being that way. I am a trusting person, but when it comes to my child's life it's a whole new level of trust I need to put in that person. A trust I don't really feel like I can give to anyone. 

How do you feel about leaving your kids? Are there many people you trust to leave your kids with? 

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