8 June 2015

When Raising Kids Becomes a Competitive Sport

You may know a parent... or you may know someone who knows a parent... and so on... who treats their kids like a competitive sport.

It's the proud parent that's taken it a step too far, and rather than enjoying each milestone, they are comparing it to babies of a similar age in order to 'beat them to the mark'.

It's not a parent I've come across often at all, but by gosh do they leave a lasting mark. You may be sharing the precious milestone your own baby has just reached and rather than a supportive 'well done!' it's either shrugged off or the perfect timing to brag about their own.

The 'one-upmanship' can be completely draining and exhausting.

Parenting is hard enough without it feeling like you're battling against other parents.

And it doesn't seem to stop as they get older. I've known parents with children in school who feel the need to 'beat' their friends kids, and rather than congratulate said child on doing well, they shrug it off and return to talking about how much 'better' their child is.

Of course, we all think our children are the brightest, smartest, most wonderful children in the world, but that doesn't mean we can't support other children in their accomplishments and applaud them for doing something new. Sometimes, it's good to be proud of a child other than your own.

I know I've many of these parents ahead of me, and they'll be right there to poop all over my little parade, but when the time comes I hope that I am able to rise above it and move on.

I think it's important we remember that each child is just as wonderful as our own, and when their parent's are singing their praises for whatever they have achieved, we take that moment to reiterate that praise and give them the acknowledgement they so well deserve.

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