26 June 2015

You Are One | Aria's Twelve Month Update

My Dearest Aria,

I can't quite believe you have been in this world for a whole year. To say I'm emotional is an understatement. I can't express what joy you have brought into our lives, and the amount of pure unconditional love we have for you.

You're growing into the most beautiful little girl, inside and out. You have the cheekiest little personality, and love nothing more than making people laugh. You're gentle, kind, and my gosh girl you can eat!

I could go on, but I've got your twelve month update to write!

Not a lot has changed since last month, other than your personality coming through even more. You've become a lot more independent and are loving discovering new things around the house, like the dishwasher! Also, you've just learned how to climb off the couch and down the stairs! We also took a little holiday to Fife with your Granny and Papa, Aunty Beth, Uncle Chris and Grace and Evie.

One last milestone I almost forgot, you got your first ever pair of Clark's shoes.

You're still sleeping like a log, and going from 6:30/7 to 8! Thank you little lady, I can't tell you how lovely sleeping until 8am feels.

You're really getting the hang of feeding yourself with a spoon now. Yes, there's still plenty mess, but you get the idea of putting the food onto your spoon and into your mouth, you just aren't quick enough for your own liking yet!
Well, most of the time you use a spoon! :)

You're routine hasn't changed much in the past few months, you're very much a creature of habit and do well with the routine you have.

Well, I can finally tell you how much you weigh! You're a perfect little 18lb 5oz, and are 75cm tall!

You're making your way into some of your 12-18 month wardrobe now, but there's still plenty that fits you now in your 9-12 months. You've also just moved into size 5 nappies.

Well little lady, that's you at a year old! I'm going to do a full blog post and vlog on your first birthday so you've got it all to look back on in years to come.

Until then, happy first birthday baby girl.

Lots of love, Mummy xx

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