28 July 2015

Aria's Thirteen Month Update

I feel like I woke up, and my baby became a toddler. Literally overnight my bambino has turned into this little person! Lots has happened this month so lets get started...

  • Aria is officially walking!! It's amazing and slightly terrifying that she is now chosing to walk round the room rather than crawl. If you've seen my Instagram, you'll have seen plenty videos of her strutting her stuff! 
  • She can now say a lot more words such as ball, flower, tea, more, milk, bear, baby... the list goes on! She only seems to need to hear a word a few times before she starts trying to repeat it. What a bright little spark.
  • As well as walking, she's a lot sturdier at climbing up/down from things, and really seems to think about what she's doing before she dives right off the couch! Something I am very grateful for!

I'm so happy to say she's still sleeping fantastic. You can now ask her if she wants to go to bed/for a nap, and she tottles off to the stairs and waits for you to take her up - too cute right?!

She's sleeping from 6:30/7 to 7/8 in the morning, sometimes until 8:30! She's still having two naps, both which seem to last 1.5/2 hours. I was debating whether to cut one of these out, but she gets pretty grumpy if she doesn't get to nap so for now I'm just going to keep following her lead. She will tell me when she's ready to drop one!

This. Girl. Can. Eat! I mean my gosh, there isn't anything she won't devour! Yes, she does have her off days when she just isn't interested, but on the whole we are really lucky to have such a good eater. She's also getting realy good at feeding herself, even if it is a whole lot of mess!
Our routine hasn't changed much in the past few months, and I'm quite glad as it seems to work really well for all of us. Since all her baby classes have ended for summer, I'm finding it a little more difficult to keep her entertained and get her out and about while the weather is so rubbish, but I'm hoping to plan a few more play dates for her in the next few weeks which will keep her busy!

I'm thinking of dropping this section of Aria's monthly update for now - at least until I have an update to write! I'm forever telling you I haven't had her weighed and measured so until I do, I'll just skip out this section.

And that's Aria at 13 months! I wonder what next month will bring, as this one has seen Aria turn into a fully-fledged toddler! I'm sure there will be a few more teeth by then too, as I can see a few more making their way now.

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