20 July 2015

Getting Pinterest Motivated

I spend many an evening trolling through Pinterest, looking at all the beautiful pictures of not only hair, clothes and make-up, but also of healthy foods and fitness.

You'd think for the amount of time I spend on Pintetest I'd be some sort of clean eating, fitness fanatic with hair that even a model would envy, but sadly that's not the case... Until now!

I've recently really wanted to get into eating a lot healthier, and rather than dieting, make smarter choices about my meals. It may be the bridesmaid dress I've to fit into next week (cutting it fine, huh?!) or the nicer weather, but I've finally realised that I can't wish myself healthy - and apparently pinning smoothies while tucking into a mars bar doesn't quite count - so I've made a promise to myself to get my arse in gear and jump on the healthy train!

I've just finished an online shop and have filled my basket with lots of healthy goodies, and have decided to try a little 'Fitness Friday' series on my blog... Starting this week!

I'm going to be sharing meal ideas with you and what recipes I've been trying out, as well as some healthy snack alternatives as they are my biggest downfall I think!

If there's anything you'd like to see on Fitness Friday's, please let me know!

Right, I'm off to remove all chocolate from my cupboards... Sob sob!!

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