28 July 2015

I've Waited Your Whole Life For This...

I love nothing more than a big snuggle on the sofa or in bed, watching a movie... with Tom, obviously! And I always hoped and prayed for the day I had a baby that I could do the same with.

However, Aria was not that baby! She was never really into snuggles, and much prefered to be playing, reading books, or causing mayhem.

Until now.

I don't know if it has come with age, or that predicted 'clingy phase' but Aria has become so incredibly affectionate, and it kind of takes my breath away.

For a year I longed for this cuddly little baby, and I finally have her! It may only be for a few minutes but let me tell you, those few minutes bring me more joy than I can ever put into words. It's a deeper connection with every cuddle, every random kiss for no reason, and every 'pat pat' she gives me in affection.

I love the little character she is turning into. We've already seen her cheeky side develop, her sense of humour, and now her affection. It's so lovely to see her love for us displayed in these little gestures. It makes me feel like yea, we're doing good.

So I'm stocking up on Disney movies in hope that someday soon, we can snuggle on the couch in our PJ's with a little feast, like I've always dreamed of...

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