27 August 2015

Aria's 14 Month Update

Now that Aria is officially a toddler, I'm going to change up how I write these monthly updates a bit! After all, there is so much more to her now than her weight, height and size!

Aria has pretty much mastered walking now, and is much more sturdy on her feet. She'll chose to walk over crawling now, but will often reach for your hand to take her places - but I think this may be more to do with her being a little bossy boots than for her balance!

I actually find myself being so surprised by the amount of words Aria can say, she's a definite chatter box in the making! She understands so much and can tell you all the farm animals names when looking at the pictures, and can point out her eyes, nose, ears, mouth, hair, toes and bum!

Writing these down was so difficult, and I'm sure I've missed some out that she says all the time...

She's becoming a lot more independent, not just with walking on her own, but also with playing with her toys and even trying to dress herself! There's many an argument about who puts her shoes on, and she even tries to put mine on for me! Too cute, right?!

She's getting better as using a spoon for her dinner, and seems to have a good aim for getting it to her mouth.

She's also started this new thing where likes to tell me when she is doing a poo! I think this will make it so much easier when it comes to potty training, if she can already tell me when she is doing her business!

Aria's favourite game at the moment is to play kisses through the patio doors, and smush her face against the glass! She also loves to sing 'horsey horsey' which is adorable. I'm thinking of doing a seperate post on her favourite toys, so let me know if you'd be interested in seeing that.

She's still napping twice a day, and it doesn't look like she is ready to drop either so we will continue with our routine as it is until she shows signs of being ready to go down to one nap a day.

I think that's all for this month! It seems to be a big one for her vocabulary mostly, she's like a sponge when repeating words and learning new things. I think this is the time where I need to be getting more educational books and try introduce colours, shapes and numbers, as I'm sure she is ready to start learning these things.

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