9 August 2015

Aria's A/W Wardrobe Wishlist

It's only August, but I'm already lusting after so many items for Aria's Autum/Winter wardrobe. It may be the rubbish weather we're having, or the fact that I'm a slight shopaholic, but I thought I'd put together a little wishlist here on my blog!



 As you can see, there is definitely a theme in mind when picking out these pieces! I absolutely love dusky pink, beige and burgundy this time of year, and want to make sure the pieces I pick up go with one another so I don't end up buying things that never get worn!

There's still a lot in Aria's wardrobe...OK I lie, a lot in Aria's wardrobe... that I haven't got the wear out of yet as we've either not had the weather for it or it's just far too big still! So I want to be able to layer those pieces so she can use them through the colder months too.

There's a tonne more stores that have beautiful clothes in for kids, but these are the ones that have really caught my eye so far!

Have you started planning your little one's wardrobe yet? Don't you just hate that they dress better than we do?!

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