18 August 2015

Switching from Bottle to Sippy Cup

Like every other new stage of parenting, I was pretty anxious about what life without bottles would be like.

Would Aria come off them easily? Would she miss the comfort? Would she be completely fine, or would I be left with a pre-schooler still fully attached to her bottle?

There were so many questions running through my mind that I probably made it seem much more dramatic than it really needed to be. After all, she drinks perfectly fine from her sippy cup for her water, and can even use a straw and an adults glass! ...With supervision, of course!

So first thought I had was the 'how?'.
As I mentioned, Aria has several sippy cups that she uses throughout the day for her water, but I wanted to get something with a slightly softer spout for her milk, to almost wean her off her bottle, so I opted for the Nuby Super Spout Grip N Sip No Spill First Cup. Yes, this states it is for 4+ months, but I knew that it would be a more comforting sippy cup to start off with.

Next came the 'when?'.
After doing a little research, a lot of people suggested switching the morning bottle first. However, my instincts told me to do the opposite, and give her the sippy cup for her night time milk instead. I'm glad I listened to my instincts as Aria took the sippy cup in the evening without question, and after a couple of hesitant mornings she did eventually take to it completely!

So, that was Aria off her bottle... an emotional time I must admit! No longer having to clean bottles daily is bliss, but I do miss the fact she feels like such a big girl now!

With her off her bottle and perfectly accepting of her sippy cup, I decided to get a few more with harder spouts as they are much better for her teeth and gums. She already has the Philips Avent Spout Cup and the Tommee Tippee First Cup for her water, but I wanted some specifically for her milk, so we bought the Tommee Tippee Active Sport Cup which she absolutely loves! she loves pointing out the apples and 'cheep cheep' on the front!

I'm beginning to get a little bit of a sippy cup addiction, and I seem to be clearing a whole kitchen cupboard shelf just for her growing variety of cups! Is it just me? Please, tell me there's others!

So that is it, our journey from bottles to sippy cups! I'd love to know what cup your little ones love, and which you would recommend!

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