21 August 2015

When only Mummy Cuddles & Peppa Pig will do

Touch wood, Aria has always been healthy little girl and has never been unwell, aside from one minor cold last Winter. So last night came as a little surprise when she very quickly came down with a temperature.

Honestly, It made me feel useless.

I couldn't just magic her better, and seeing her so sad was heartbreaking. She fell asleep in my arms on the couch, which she never does, so I knew she wasn't right. After waking at 9:00 after a 15 hour sleep, she was still no better, and just seemed so disorientated. Again, I felt usless.

It's now 1:00pm and she's back down for her second nap already. She has perked up a lot since this morning and we've been sitting on the couch snuggling watching good old Peppa Pig.

Thankfully, Calpol has helped bring her temperature down and she's had a small lunch, so I'm just going to follow her lead this afternoon and see what she wants to do. If it's more snuggles, I'm perfectly happy with that, and I'm currently downloading all episodes of Peppa Pig on my Sky planner just in case!

I feel like a brand new parent again, as an unwell child isn't something I've experienced before, so any tips and advice you have that work for your little one's would be much appreciated!

Here's hoping it's a 24 hour bug and she will be all better after a good nights sleep.

Wish us luck!

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