28 September 2015

Aria's 15 Month Update

Another month, another update! Doesn't time fly? I feel like I always say that, but I know Christmas isn't too far away and we'll be saying 'remember when it was only September and Aria was a little 15 month old?'.

So, Aria is now 15 months old... which is insane. I feel like this has been a big month for bonding and our mummy/daughter relationship is stronger than ever. She can really communicate now and we understand each other so much more.

It's a little scary how much Aria takes in on a daily basis. If you read her 14 month update you'll know just how many words she can now say! This month we've really seen her strengthen how much she can say, and how well she can communicate with us.

Manners are hugely important to us, and we're so pleased Aria can put 'pease' and 'tank u' into context. It's lovely to hear others comment on how polite she is at such a young age!

We had a funny incident the other day, which you may have seen on my Facebook page where she repeated me saying a bit of a rude word! It was hilarious at the time, but we've realised we need to be so careful at what we say around her now as she can pick on things after hearing them once!

I started taking Aria to a couple of new playgroups this past month, one being a local group held at one of the community centres in town, which is fantastic for toddlers, and the other being Tumble Tots. I tweeted about this a few weeks ago and so many of you had asked how it was going - and it is honestly fantastic! I've seen Aria's confidence grow massively since being there and her balance and coordination has definitely improved. If you would like a full review of the Tumble Tots classes, let me know!

I think that may be all for this month's update. A little bit of a short one, but I don't feel she has changed too much since the last update, apart from growing in confidence and her communication skills! We had a lovely family trip to Sandyhills Beach last week which you can read all about here.

I can't wait for next month, it will officially be Autumn and we have loads planned for October, including Halloween! Now to think of an adorable yet incredibly embarrassing outfit for her...

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