12 September 2015

Finding My Body Confidence after Having a Baby

It's almost been 15 months since I gave birth to Aria, and I'm finally feeling content about how I look.

I haven't suddenly lost a tonne of weight or gone on some health kick, I've just come to realise that this is me. This is the body that produced the most amazing child (suppose I have to give Tom a little credit too) and I'm damn proud of it!

Sure, I'm a stone heavier than my pre pregnancy weight, and a dress size bigger, but I'm finally in a place that I feel confident about how I look.

I was lucky not to get any stretch marks during my pregnancy, but I put that purely down to genetics. However, I did gain a bit of mum tum that after 15 months, I've grown to love. I don't have that toned stomach I used to have - although with a bit of exercise I'm sure I could attain - but honestly, I'm not bothered. Working out, for me, isn't fun, and the emphasis on work definitely sticks out. If I can run around after a toddler all day without running out of breath, that's good enough for me!

That little bit of cuddle is something I've finally been able to not only accept, but embrace. The thought of going up a dress size terrified me at first, but you know what? I'm really happy with the size I am now. My body is a different shape now, my hips are wider and therefore going up to a bigger size feels more comfortable. More natural.

I will never look like I did pre pregnancy, but why would I want to? This body is mine and I'm god damn proud of it. It took a while to get here, but I really am.

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