10 September 2015

Having a Mummy Time Out

I often forget the importance of having time out to myself. The mummy guilt sirens go off in my head and I feel like a terrible parent for wanting, needing this alone time.

But it makes me a better parent. I feel like I am being a better parent. Partially because before this break, I feel like a pretty sh*t one.

Toddlers are a handful, there's no denying it. They push you to limits you never knew possible and can often send you back to that compete state of novice parent when they develop these new testing characterises. They say it's their way of learning their new world, but for us it's the exact same thing.

The last few days have been tough, but thankfully, I was able to have an afternoon to myself yesterday - and my gosh did it make the world of difference. Dropping Aria off with my mum was easy, there was no mummy guilt, I'd had enough. So I did what all mums crave: wander the supermarket isles in complete peace. I spent 20 minutes looking at socks. Why? Because I could. Because I had the time to relax and just enjoy being on my own clock, and not someone else's.

Not only that, but I got to look at magazines too, something I've struggled to find the time for since having Aria. Admittedly, I did pick up a parenting magazine over the glossy fashion ones, but hey, that's life these days!

I can't believe what a difference some time alone makes. It's actually incredible. I was able to take my time doing tasks I would normally rush through with bribery or during an afternoon nap, and just enjoy the silence.

But as you know, the silence quickly becomes quite boring, and I found myself wishing a little chaos would come charging my way! So off I headed to eagerly pick up my girl, and I was greeted with the biggest cuddle I've had in ages, and I embraced every second of it.

Today, I'm feeling a lot better, and not like the sh*t parent I felt I was being. I feel more calm, more patient and more understanding of her frustrations. Temper tantrums are easier to manage, and rather than work myself up I am finding more practical ways of problem solving, and feel I have more time and patience to help her overcome her obstacles.

In return, she seems a lot more grateful, and the time away from me has helped us both. So we are making it a weekly thing now. My mum will watch Aria every Wednesday afternoon,

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