25 September 2015

The Importance of Car Safety with Kids*

Since becoming a mum, there are so many aspects of my life that have changed. One in particular being the way I drive. Now, I was never an unsafe driver, but I definitely pay more attention to the road now that I am chauffeuring very precious cargo!

Not only do I pay more attention to the way I drive, but the way that others drive too. I make sure I keep my calm and don't put my foot down if I need to get somewhere in a hurry - no matter how much I want to overtake the old biddy driving at 3 miles an hour - better late than never!

Naturally, I chose a car seat that was built for safety, and follows all the regulations required. But what about the car itself? Is it regularly serviced? Are the brakes working as they should be? My car, a BMW 1 Series is relatively new, but  having worked in the Motor Trade and having a husband that still does, these are things that we check regularly and don't take for granted.

With the colder months coming in too, one thing I always make sure are in best condition are my tyres. Did you know you are supposed to check your tyres every two weeks, and before any long journey? It's not something we all put into practice on a regular basis, but it is so important to do so, especially this time of year.

If you ever suspect you need new tyres, Point-S have a great website that shows you how to check what tyres it is you need, and compare the price of different brands before heading your local centre to have them fitted by trained technicians... Ideal for us busy parents that don't have the time to shop around for tyres and may not know what tyres we need - I know until I worked in the Motor Trade that I hadn't a clue about tyre safety! But this makes it so much easier to get to grips with.... no pun intended ;)

How often do you check your tyres?

How has having children affected the way you drive?

 *in collaboration with Point-S

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