26 September 2015

The Tired Toddler

As I begin this post, my precious little toddler is sound asleep having her afternoon nap. Sounds blissful doesn't it? It is, but getting here wasn't easy...

I'm sure all you parents out there will understand the importance of nap time. If for any reason is it late or god forbid, missed at all, it can see our perfect little angels turn into what I can only describe as complete and utter demons.

Tantrums are thrown... Over anything and everything. How dare you try take their left shoe off first! The remote is for bashing off the coffee table. I don't want to be held, but don't you even think about putting me down! Need I go on?

So after approximately 20 mins of her deep slumber, I can hear her calling my name already... now for the next issue: do I go up and get her, only to be left with a grumpy girl all afternoon (do I really want a repeat of yesterday?) or do I turn the monitor down, pick up my cuppa while it's still hot and pray that she drifts back off...

You can guess which I picked.

Now to find a calorie filled biscuit to dunk into my tea...

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