31 October 2015

Aria's 16 Month Update

Aria is now 16 months old, and what a busy month we've had! Our days have been filled with playgroups, play dates, meeting new babies, teething, watching the leaves change for Autumn, clock changes, Disney movies, reading, colouring... the lot!

Aria's speech is coming on incredibly, and every day she is showing more and more understanding of the world. She now understands who Santa is, or 'sana, ho ho' as she adorably calls him! She also knows now that Santa brings 'toys' and she has to be 'nice', which is great. We're so excited for Christmas this year, and so happy she is really taking an understanding to it all.

She's also started learning colours now, and can point out 'blue' and 'yellow', and has really taken an interest in colouring. We spend most days sitting colouring with her crayons, and even attempted to paint a pumpkin! A messy activity with lots of fun, as you will see from my Instagram!

Teething has been a bit of a bother this month, and has resulted in many meals going to waste. Her four canine teeth seem to be coming all at once, and it has made her a tad grumpy! She's doing well with them on the whole, but I do feel the wine glass creeping into my hand some evenings just to wind down!

Aria has gone a bit Disney mad this month, and watch Frozen and Beauty and the Beast pretty much every day. Not that I'm complaining in the slightest, I've been waiting for the day we could enjoy Disney movies together!

Next month will see me take my first trip away, leaving Aria and Tom at home while I attend the Mumsnet Blog Awards. The voting for this ends 9th November and it would honestly mean the world to me to get your vote! I can't quite believe I'm a finalist for best vlogger, it's still not sunk in! But two small clicks for me would mean such a tremendous amount... which you can do here, if you don't mind my cheeky plug!

I've also got something pretty exciting to share with you next month, so keep your eyes peeled for it :)

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