23 October 2015

Bath and Bedtime with JOHNSON'S®

Bath time is a big part of Aria's bedtime routine, and has been since she was around 8 weeks old. It has been a big help in establishing a routine for her, not to mention a great way to burn off some that last bit of energy by having a good splash!

We have always used Johnson's in our bath time routine, and particularly love the JOHNSON’S® TOP-TO-TOE® Baby Bath. I've always been conscious of Aria's skin, mostly due to the fact that I have sensitive skin, so always look to avoid anything harsh on her delicate little skin. This is as mild as water and can be used from birth.

Something else that we've built into Aria's bedtime routine is massage. We took baby massage classes when Aria was just a few weeks old, and she loved it so much that we made sure to incorporate it into her evening routine most evenings.

Massage is so beneficial to babies not only for soothing, but it can aid digestion, relieve teething discomfort, and amongst many others it increase bonding for parent and baby. We have been using JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil for a while now and love how well it locks in moisture without feeling heavy on Aria's skin. I didn't actually think she would continue to lie still for so long, especially now she's an extremely active toddler! But it's incredible how relaxed she is when having a quick, 5 minute massage.

Do you have a bath and bedtime routine for your kids?

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JOHNSON’S® understands that babies skin is so delicate it needs extra special and gentle care. That’s why, for almost 120 years, JOHNSON’S® has been helping parents take the best care for their babies’ skin. JOHNSON’S® brand believes that giving your baby a massage after bath means for more smiles, more eye contact and more gurgles. That’s because your touch creates sensations that stimulate baby’s brain. So massaging with JOHNSON’S® baby oil after bath time doesn’t just moisturise and protect baby’s delicate skin, it can also help support happy, healthy baby development. Discover more at http://www.johnsonsbaby.co.uk/sensorial-experiences

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