29 October 2015

Filling Your Downtime

When we have kids, there's often so much going on that the idea of downtime is laughable. However, as they get older, you'll find that increasingly there are pockets of time that we actually need to fill. It can be nice to sit back and relax, but let's face it - as parents, we've kind of forgotten what that means! The consequences of always being on the go with the kids, though, is that we've forgotten how to really do things for ourselves. So, just what should we do with those blissful moments all of our very own?!

Play Games
Don't worry, chill out - there's not a Peppa Pig in sight! There are loads of ways you can get involved with games for adults and release your inner child. From bingo to adult colouring books, regression is all the rage. No idea where to start? Not a problem. The local Mecca bingo hall can sort you out, or if you're not quite ready to venture on out in public just yet, you can check out the range involved in 32Red's roster of bingo games. They're an online site so you don't need to worry about getting over excited and screaming out BINGO when you're not really quite there yet (sometimes we pick up more from the kids than we realise...!). What’s more 32Red are currently offering a £5 no deposit bonus to make your cash stretch a little further. There are also promotions available at sites like Foxy and Tombola so shop around!

by  ReneS 

When you think of cooking these days, admit it, you're thinking of kiddy meals and whether or not you should feed the kids sausages after the recent news about their health risks. Wouldn't it be nice to enjoy some real food every once in a while? Even the most diligent cook makes their meals child friendly when it comes to children, but there's a whole world out there which can be reserved just for the adults. Fillet steaks, risottos containing actual wine (!) and rich dishes all have their place firmly set within an adult's palette, so don't deny yourself the luxury!

Whether you're still with your children's father or not, there's always room for more love in your life. If you're married or living with a partner, you can spice things up by doing something as simple as going on dates. It's healthy to have a little 'couple' time, so every once in a while you should arrange a babysitter so that you can reconnect. If you’re a single parent, you're not doomed to loneliness. Sure, bringing a slew of suitors to meet the kids probably isn't ideal, but there's no harm in letting your hair down once in a while and saying 'yes' to that nice charmer you see every once in a while at the shops. Who knows where it could lead? If all else fails, try the likes of eHarmony. People these days always meet their partners online, so there's nothing to say you can't either!

Whether you're a working parent or you stay at home, you're bound to have a load of pressure on you. Don't let the pressures get to the point that you never take time for yourself!

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