17 November 2015

Review | Usborne Baby's Very First Christmas Play Book

It's already starting to feel like Christmas in our house. In fact, it has for the past three or four weeks! If you can't tell, we are incredibly excited for Christmas this year, especially now Aria is at the age where she is starting to understand more and is aware of all the magical festiveness around her!

I love how she knows who 'sana' is, he says 'ho ho ho', brings 'toys' and to get toys you need to be 'nice'. I can't describe the look of excitement when she see's Santa, which is why we are currently obsessed with the Usborne Baby's Very First Christmas Play Book.

15 November 2015


Since becoming both a mum and step mum, I've really taken notice to how the world treats step families differently.

Now, this post isn't aimed at any person in particular, but more toward society in general. I feel that even in 2015, where approximately 35% of children in the UK do not live with both parents, step families are not considered 'the norm'.


12 November 2015


One of the most common questions I get from parents on my YouTube channel and social media platforms is 'how can Aria say so much at such a young age'. If you're a regular reader of my blog or are subscribed to my YouTube channel, you'll know Aria is quite the chatterbox!

Now I'm certainly no child psychologist or professional in any way, but I wanted to share with you a few things that I think have helped Aria develop her language skills so quickly at such a young age. 



During those first few months of your child’s life, when you spent several hours pacing the room at 3am, how many times did you wonder ‘am I the only person awake at this hour’ or ‘surely there is someone in the world who has figured out how to get a baby to sleep at night’.

Having just checked on Aria peacefully asleep, I thought back to those nights when these question wracked my sleep-deprived brain. Is there really someone out there that has figured out how to get a child to sleep easily? Maybe not one person, but a culture perhaps?

Colic and sleepless nights affect babies across the globe and the only difference is how the parents choose to soothe their little ones! Infacol, Britain’s Number One Infant Colic remedy, decided to research snooze views from around the world to provide parents with a global perspective.
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7 November 2015


Before having Aria, there were a lot of things I never considered to be 'important' in my daily life. Things such as, where the lifts were in a store - if any, how easy it was to manoeuvre a pram through the busy clothes racks, and most importantly, what kind of changing facilities they had.

Now I am a mother, I see these things in a whole new light, and really take notice of the changing facilities available and how helpful they are to parents i.e with general cleanliness, if they have a supply of nappies and products to disinfect the area before and after use and even if they have breastfeeding areas. What I didn't think about until recently, is how accessible these changing areas are for dads.
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1 November 2015

So when are you having Baby Number 2?

The day Aria was born, quite literally, people asked us 'so when are you having baby number 2?'. I still looked about 6 months pregnant and still trying to figure out how to pee and poop with stitches (let's face it, we all know the struggle!) but somehow, people's curiosity was would I endure it all over again?

My labour was relatively positive - aside from the agonising 30 hours of pain - and left me with no emotional scarring! So in short, my answer was yes, I would happily do it all over again.  

But then there's the 'when'. Peoples curiosity became more and more intrusive, and everything I said seemed to be a 'giveaway' of some pending news.

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