26 December 2015

Aria's 17 Month Update

Aria is 17 months old! It really feels like no time has passed since I was writing her one and two week updates.

We've been so busy the last few months, this being a big one with lots of new experiences and learning along the way.

We've been doing lots more baking, which has been so much fun! Licking the spoon is probably more enjoyable than eating the actually bake, but I can't say I'm at all surprised!

We've started a new baby group, which was actually ran by one of my primary school teachers until she passed away earlier this year. She was an incredible lady and I can just see her there, running round with all the kids and giving them so much love and attention. It would have been lovely to see her there, as she was so excited to meet Aria! But, she loves the group and are obsessed with the slide, kitchen, and playing on the see-saw with Laila.

I left Aria for the first time by myself, while Daddy was in full charge of Aria and Maya. More on my trip to London here, but she behaved brilliantly for her Daddy and was no trouble at all for him, which was wonderful!

Aria's been learning more about colours recently, and added to her already huge vocabulary she can now say: blue, yellow, pink, green, orange and purple. She loves to find an object and say a colour! 99% of the time she can point out blue, yellow and orange correctly, which is incredible for her age.

She's also been much more interested in singing songs, and will initiate singing 'row row row your boat', 'horsey horsey', 'head, shoulders, knees and toes' and 'wind the bobbin up', which is incredibly adorable! Her face lights up when we sing and she loves to sing along with us!

And lastly, we've been featured in a magazine! It's mostly about this blog and me being a Mumsnet Blogging Awards finalist, which I've done a separate post on here so you can see more about it! It's the most adorable picture which I plan to have framed, as it's not often we get a mummy daughter picture taken.

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