12 November 2015


One of the most common questions I get from parents on my YouTube channel and social media platforms is 'how can Aria say so much at such a young age'. If you're a regular reader of my blog or are subscribed to my YouTube channel, you'll know Aria is quite the chatterbox!

Now I'm certainly no child psychologist or professional in any way, but I wanted to share with you a few things that I think have helped Aria develop her language skills so quickly at such a young age. 

Aria absolutely adores reading, and could spend hours sitting in the living room, surrounded by books and flicking through the pages. We've a basket full of books and some afternoons we will go through them one by one, not skipping a page. 

I think this has helped massively with her vocabulary, as she can get a visual image of the words I'm reading to her, and loves to point out what she can find in an illustration. 

Thinking out loud. 
It may sound silly, but I do talk to myself quite a lot! It's more of a running commentary, but Aria loves to know what it is I'm doing. Whether it be chopping veg for dinner, loading the washing machine or tidying her bedroom. I like to tell her what I'm doing as I am doing it, as young children are fascinated by the tasks we find so simple. 

A controversial one, but I've found Aria learns so much by watching TV or playing on the iPad. There are some great learning games, which I'll actually do a post on soon if you like, to show you which Aria loves. Aria loves pointing out animals on TV or characters she knows, so I think in moderation it really helps her expand her vocabulary as she is interested in what the characters are saying and doing.  

This links in with TV well, as I think giving your child visuals while learning is so so important. We've recently purchased some flash cards, and it's amazing actually how many objects she can point out and recognise. We lay them out all across the floor and as she hunts through them, we try say the word or noise that is associated with that card. It's a great game that has seen her pick up a lot more words very quickly, so much so that we're now starting on colours too!

Follow their interest. 
If Aria suddenly develops an interest in something, say Rabbits, we spend lots of time learning about them whether it's reading books, going to see them at the pet shop and encouraging her to learn. I think this has helped massively, as until she starts school and is given set things to learn, her learning is all based on interest. She will obviously learn and say more about things she loves over things she's completely uninterested in!

A child's world is only as big as what you show them, so I think it's really important to get them out and about exploring as many new things as possible. At this time of the year, I think museums have so much to offer, and can be the beginning of a new interest for your kids. Our local museum has a big section on the post office and trains, and Aria has since taken such a huge interest in the postman (or woman!) so we've been able to teach her lots of new words surrounding this. Any trip out, even to the supermarket, can be a great way to educate kids and teach them all about the things they see!

These are just some of the things I think we've done to help Aria's vocabulary. Some things are very simple, but seemed to help loads with her learning and understanding. Of course, each child will learn in their own pace so I wouldn't feel any pressure that they aren't doing what child X is doing by age Y and Z! Just relax and have fun :)

Is there anything in particular you do to encourage your child's vocabulary?

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