12 November 2015


During those first few months of your child’s life, when you spent several hours pacing the room at 3am, how many times did you wonder ‘am I the only person awake at this hour’ or ‘surely there is someone in the world who has figured out how to get a baby to sleep at night’.

Having just checked on Aria peacefully asleep, I thought back to those nights when these question wracked my sleep-deprived brain. Is there really someone out there that has figured out how to get a child to sleep easily? Maybe not one person, but a culture perhaps?

Colic and sleepless nights affect babies across the globe and the only difference is how the parents choose to soothe their little ones! Infacol, Britain’s Number One Infant Colic remedy, decided to research snooze views from around the world to provide parents with a global perspective.
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“It’s reassuring to discover there are different ways to help babies to sleep, and ideas you may not have heard of in your parenting circle,” said Midwife Nikki Khan. “Many mums will have heard of baby massage, but in Sweden they instead practice ‘buffing’. After laying their barn on its belly, Swedish mammas and pappas pat the baby’s bottom in a circular motion until it drifts into peaceful slumber. “

In Japan, mothers let their akachan know it’s time to head to the land of nod by rhythmically tapping them on the belly. Known as ‘ton-ton’, this method is thought to be particularly effective straight after a feed.

On the other side of the Sea of Japan, they have an alternative solution. Korean mothers are encouraged to stick to a strict post-partum diet of miyuk gook – that’s seaweed soup!  Rich in calcium, iron and protein, it’s believed to be an essential part of post-birth recovery for both mother and baby.

Meanwhile, in a practice strongly encouraged by the Danish Health Authority, parents in Denmark are in the habit of leaving their babies outside for a bracing outdoor snooze. The theory is that the brisk Danish air encourages sound sleep, a hearty appetite and general wellbeing.

“With so many different ideas and traditions across the world, the only trend we can see is that there is no one right way to get your baby to sleep,” said Midwife Nikki Khan. “Every baby is unique, so it’s all about finding what works for you and your little one.”

“This also applies to treating colic. Your baby may have colic if she seems otherwise healthy but cries continuously,” said Nikki. “No one is certain what causes colic but a likely explanation may be the build-up of trapped wind in your baby’s bowel, causing discomfort. Baby massage can help, as can anti-colic drops with simeticone.”

What’s the strangest way you’ve heard of getting a baby to sleep?

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