1 November 2015

So when are you having Baby Number 2?

The day Aria was born, quite literally, people asked us 'so when are you having baby number 2?'. I still looked about 6 months pregnant and still trying to figure out how to pee and poop with stitches (let's face it, we all know the struggle!) but somehow, people's curiosity was would I endure it all over again?

My labour was relatively positive - aside from the agonising 30 hours of pain - and left me with no emotional scarring! So in short, my answer was yes, I would happily do it all over again.  

But then there's the 'when'. Peoples curiosity became more and more intrusive, and everything I said seemed to be a 'giveaway' of some pending news.

It's laughable really, that my general rant about my jeans being too tight was not in fact that I was hiding a little bump, but that the sleepless nights were causing me to crave more and more cake and chips, and the fact that I purely couldn't be arsed to shift those last few pounds. 

The headache and stomach ache I had was not morning sickness, but from picking up every big possible from softplay and baby groups. Babies are a germs dream guys!! Relax! 

So this one is a little more shocking, purely to those that know me best... That when I declined that glass of wine was not because I was avoiding any drop of alcohol, but because my body was not used to the same level of alcohol intake and I feared driving my baby home after a small sip was a step too far! 

And lastly, the 'exciting news' I have to share is not an ultrasound scan, placed in the most Pinterest worthy pregnancy announcement, but another exciting opportunity I've been lucky enough to experience from my blog and YouTube channel! For me, it's incredibly exciting... Not quite as lovely as baby news, but still very exciting. 

I'm sure so many of you can relate to this! I'd love to hear your stories of 'being pregnant' in the comments below!

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