2 January 2016

Aria's 18 Month Update

Wow, 18 months old! This has been such a big month for Aria, and it's so scary to think she is now working her way closer to her second birthday!

Aria celebrated her second Christmas, and it's been so lovely seeing her really get into it all and getting so excited whenever she sees Santa, Christmas trees, and basically anything Christmassy! It's been such a magical month and she's certainly been one lucky little lady.

Her speech is coming on more and more each day, and she's continuing to put sentences together more regularly. She's also learning more about colours and numbers, so we've been playing lots of games to do with this to encourage her even more!

I feel like she's changed so much again this month, which may explain why she hasn't been sleeping as well recently. I feel like whenever she mentally develops more, her sleep gets worse until she's overcome whatever it is she's going through. I've read a lot on the 18 month sleep regression too, so Tom and I are trying our best to tackle this as best as we can... easier said than done at 3AM!

Now Aria is getting older, these updates seem a little shorter as some months there isn't too much change, so I think 18 months is a good point to end them, or at least until there is more to tell. I feel a bit sad about this, as I've done them every month since she was born, but it can be hard to write a monthly update when there isn't much to update on!

I'll be doing more posts on toddler activities and the things we are getting up to, as well as my usual mum rambles! So there'll be plenty to tell until I do another big update.

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