3 January 2016

Goals for the New Year | Pinterest Health Kick

It's that time of year again when I start to think about my new years resolutions, and what I think are realistic goals for 2016. One that I've thought about for a while is shedding a few lbs. and lets face it, I wasn't about to start a big health kick when there were several cheese boards and turkey sandwiches to devour!

Now the festivities are at an end, I've been thinking a lot about what kind of diet is realistic for me, and one that I can actually see myself sticking to. Obviously, the first place I headed to for inspiration was Pinterest, and made myself a little board full of yummy healthy meal ideas to keep me inspired!

Something I absolutely love is smoothies, and there are so many delicious variations to choose from. Deliciously Ella has some amazing smoothie recipes, as well as healthy snacks. I love her approach to healthy eating, so as well as going Pinterest crazy I'll definitely be picking up a copy of her second book which comes out this month.

I'm also thinking of starting another Bootea Teatox. I did this a few months ago and really felt the benefit of it, so I might start the year off doing another course of this. It's not a drastic detox, which I know is something I really couldn't stick to, so this is perfect for me to lose those extra lbs that are making my jeans too tight!

And finally, I'm going to make a huge effort to drink more water. I actually love drinking water, and can count on one hand the amount of times I ordered a fizzy drink last year... obviously excluding alcohol based fizzy drinks! And the fact that we have a built in water dispenser in our fridge means there is no excuse not to grab a glass as often as possible. I'm going to stock up on lemons and limes, cut them into slices and pop in a freezer bag, so I can add a bit of flavour if I need it and can even put in hot water to reduce my coffee intake!

Do you have any goals for the new year, or any healthy recipes you can share with me?!

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