10 January 2016


Sunday is a day to be spent with family, or at least it is for us.

Since I was born, my Nana has come to my Mums every Sunday, pretty much without fail, to have a catch up with us all and spend some quality time together. It's something I absolutely adored growing up, and I find it so special that Aria now gets to be part of that little tradition.

The afternoon is spent drinking tea *ahem* prosecco, eating nibbles, and having a good old natter and giggle. What could be more perfect?

Our family is extremely close, and we've made it a bit of a resolution that one Sunday a month, we all get together and have lunch. Each of us takes it in turn to host, and everyone is welcome. It's always a bit manic when we all get together, as there are quite a few of us! But it's always full of laughter and love, and it's so lovely to see not only us grandchildren together, but now the four great-grandchildren.

Having four generations together is truly magical. I feel extremely lucky to have my Nana watch Aria grow up, and that Aria gets to join in a long-stranding tradition that I hope she comes to cherish like I do.

Do you have any Sunday traditions?

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