17 January 2016


Date night is something that is quite rare for Tom and I. Not because we don't want to go out and spend time together, but mostly because we're really content at home and feel that we do get that quality time all couples need.

However, we do try our best to go out every so often and treat ourselves to a meal out or time away just the two of us. It's nice to be able to switch off parenting mode for a few hours, and just be husband and wife. And that's exactly what we did this weekend.

On Sunday, Tom and I headed in to town just the two of us. No pushchairs, no toddler wanting to walk in the opposite direction, no restaurants that provide crayons and menu/colouring sheets... Just a husband, a wife, and toddler-free afternoon.

We went to one of our favourite restaurants in Carlisle, The Dutch Uncle. It is one of those trendy but delicious places that provides a perfect atmosphere whether it's lunchtime, dinner or evening drinks. But above all, the food is amazing.

As much as we miss and pine for Aria when she isn't with us, it's nice to be able to head out just the two of us and embrace the little things we crave from our 'pre parent' lives. Things like giving each other our undivided attention, rather than half, because the other 50% is either trying to inhale our food before there's a toddler meltdown, or desperately searching for a Wi-Fi connection so they can watch Peppa Pig while you do so.

It's a little ordinary moment I wanted to take the time to capture and remember, because it really is so important to have time just the two of us. This year we've made a goal to do this once a month, which doesn't seem like much, but even if it's popping out for a coffee one afternoon, or a mid-week movie, we want to make that quality time outside of the house a priority.

How often do you have date night/day?

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