28 March 2016


The idea of expanding our family has been a big topic in our house lately. We would say we're about 90% there on wanting another baby, but then again, can you ever be 100% ready?!

Now we have Aria, the idea of 'let's have a baby!' seems a lot more daunting. It's not only our lives that will change, but Aria's too, and as her mummy I really worry about that change.

I worry that she may feel pushed aside. I worry that our special bond will fade. I worry she won't love a new baby. I worry that I won't be able to dive around in soft play and have her play horsey on my back. I worry that we're being selfish wanting a sibling for her. I just worry.

I feel like I'd stop being her mummy. Just hers. Someone who's attention is completely on her. How could I possibly keep hold of her so tight when another depended on me too? That thought terrifies me, to the point I almost just want to stick with one. But we've always imagined life with more kids, and the idea of Aria walking hand in hand with her little brother or sister on the way to school, snuggled on the couch, or bickering over the TV remove is something that brings a huge smile to my face, even though the worries.

I'm an only child, so I can't really understand what it is to have a sibling, and have such a change brought into my life like that. Then again, would Aria ever remember life before?

It's a whole new level of mum guilt I've never experienced, so I guess my question is, IS THIS NORMAL? How did you feeling bringing another baby into the family? I'd absolutely love to hear your stories, and if any of you can relate to what I'm feeling right now?

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