22 March 2016


Since Aria turned 1, I've stopped noticing as many big changes in her. A month used to go by and I'd wonder how she'd changed so much, but by around 12 months old, each month slowly blended into the next and I noticed less change in her.

However, all of a sudden it feels like 'BAM!' here's this toddler that is very quickly turning into a little girl, and it's happening far too quickly for me to keep up with at the moment.

Every day brings something new. A new word or sentence, a grow in confidence, a change in her 'baby like' appearance. I absolutely love it, but it also terrifies me.

All parents will say they're child is incredibly bright, but I truly do think Aria has something so special about her, and her love of learning just amazes me. At 18 months she learned her alphabet, and now at 21 months she knows how to count to ten and can name all her colours - incredible, right?!

I don't ever want to be that over-bragging mummy, but my blog is a place I can share Aria's milestones and accomplishments, and I'm so proud of how well she is developing. It makes me feel like maybe I am doing a good job at raising her, and that makes me happier than I could ever put into words.

It's very bitter-sweet this parenting thing. You're happy to see them grow and develop so well, but long for that tiny little baby that relied on you for absolutely everything. I do miss those newborn days, but I adore the stage she is at now, and growing such a strong mother-daughter bond that I hope lasts us a lifetime.

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