23 April 2016


We are back from the most incredible trip to Walt Disney World, and I've a serious case of the holiday blues. Walt Disney World is by far the most magical place on Earth, and I really wish I could put into words the magic of this place!

I've had lots of questions about our trip, from advice, general information to tips and tricks - especially with a toddler! So this will be the first blog post in my Walt Disney World series, talking about things to do before you go.

Packing your luggage!
Disney is a very casual place, so you can really get away with packing light, casual, comfy clothes rather than lots of evening outfits! I could have saved a lot of room in my suitcase with all the evening outfits I never got a chance to wear. Obviously it's nice to take some 'nicer' clothes, but comfort is definitely key!

Also, check your luggage allowance and make sure you've plenty of room for souvenirs and gifts. We flew with Virgin and were so surprised that Aria got the same luggage allowance as us, even though she was sitting on my lap. This meant we had a lot more room in our cases to bring back lots of goodies.

If like us you're taking a toddler, make sure you've got plenty to keep them entertained on the flight. You can see what we took for Aria in this video here.

Get the My Disney Experience App.
I can't tell you how useful this app is when going to Disney. It lets you plan your itinerary even before your travel! If you're staying outside of the Disney Resorts, you can do this 30 days before you travel. You can look at park maps, ride wait times, as well as book your Fast Pass+, dinner reservations and memory maker - but more on those in a moment! We used this app every single day and it is completely free to download and use.

Fast Pass+
As I mentioned above, you are able to book your Fast Passes well in advance, as well as during your stay. You're able to book 3 Fast Passes at a time, and once they are used you can go to a kiosk and book another 3, and so on! They are fantastic when going on rides with a toddler, as the wait time is under 10 minutes, and some rides you can wait 85+ minutes, which is insane!

You can amend these at any time, but are a great way of skipping the long queues and making sure you get on as many rides as possible.

Make your dinner reservations.
Some restaurants book up months in advance, so it is well worth looking at making some dinner reservations before you go. They can be cancelled up to 24 hours prior, but ensure you get a table at the times you want! A lot of restaurants you can book just a couple of days before, but they really do fill up quickly and it is near impossible to get a table just by walking in. I'll be doing a post on our favourite restaurants very soon, which I'll link back here when it's live, as there are some incredible ones you really don't want to miss out on!

Get your Magic Bands!
Magic Bands are the most amazing idea. They are basically an all-in-one band that allows you to access everything you need at Disney. You can use them to enter the parks as your ticket, link your Fast Pass +, your Photo Pass and My Disney Experience app, even make purchases at the parks.

They come in eight different colours, and you can also get special character ones that do cost a little more than the basic, but look really cool and make a fantastic keepsake. You can get accessories to add to them too - we got some little Mickey and Minnie ones for ours, which I absolutely love!

In terms of planning your trip, these are the things we found invaluable on our trip and made things so much easier for us. I hope you found this useful if planning a trip to Walt Disney World, or just want to know a little more about it! Make sure you're following me on the links below to see when my next post goes live, talking about My top tips for Walt Disney World with a toddler!

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