28 June 2016


It is the eve of your second birthday. Daddy and I have just sat out your gifts and written your birthday card, and we're sat wondering how on earth these two years have flown by so quickly.

This time two years ago, I was pacing the room just waiting for your arrival, and now here we are. You're a little girl. Not a bump, not a baby, but a little girl.

This past year in particular has gone so quickly, and we've seen you grow up into the most beautiful daughter we could have ever asked for.

You're kisses and cuddles are constant, and we love how kind and affectionate you are. You're sweet natured, gentile, funny and a complete chatterbox. You're also stubborn beyond words, and so independent. If you want to do something, you're figuring out how, and while it can be a struggle at times we adore this quality in you.

Words cannot describe how proud we are of you, and how much we love you. You're our everything, and I can only imagine what this next year will bring.

Happy birthday baby girl,

All the love in the world, Mummy and Daddy.

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