21 June 2016


It's very bitter sweet seeing your babies grow up. One minute they are dependant on you for every single thing, the next they are growing rapidly in independence and suddenly, time feels like it's slipping away far too quickly.

Aria's character is growing every single day, and absorbs the world around her with such eagerness. This week Aria began potty training, which is something I've quite honestly dreaded for some time. Not because I thought she wouldn't grasp it - she actually has been ready for a while, it's me that has been holding back - but because it would be one less thing she needed me for.

Sure, I'm not going to miss cleaning nappy explosions and holding my breath for dear life, but it's a new level of independence that I just wasn't ready for.

Doesn't that sounds ridiculous? When I see it written down I think 'am I crazy?!' but I just can't help that tiny little bit of sadness creeping in. My baby doesn't need me anymore. Or at least, she needs me a little less...

But with all these mixed emotions, it has made me even prouder to be her mum. She's bright, intelligent and stubborn beyond belief. If she wants to do it, she's learning how. And as her mum I will always be there to give her a helping hand, to encourage her, learn to accept that she's growing up and treasure all these little moments along the way.

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