12 July 2016


Potty training Aria was something I dreaded. At 23 months I thought maybe it was too early, even though she's been showing signs of being ready for some time. After some encouragement from my husband, we decided to give potty training a go.

4 days later and Aria was fully potty trained. I couldn't believe it. I doubted whether she was ready but in fact, it was me not wanting to lose my baby girl! She picked up on it so quickly and it just goes to show that if they are showing signs and are eager, it doesn't matter the age.

2 weeks on and we are nearly there with nap time dryness, and have had very few accidents when out-and-about. I thought I'd share with you some of my top tips for potty training, and why I think it went so smoothly for us!

Make sure they are ready.
As I mentioned, Aria was showing a lot of signs that she was ready to be potty trained for some time. Such as, telling us when she had wet/dirtied her nappy, not liking the sensation of a wet nappy and showing interest in us going to the toilet.

Get them familiar with the potty before potty training.
We bought a potty for Aria about a month before starting potty training, and kept it in the bathroom so she could sit on it when we were in there too. She loved to play 'big girls' with us and I definitely think that being familiar with it made the start of potty training easier. A lot of kids can find the potty quite scary, so it's a good way to test how comfortable they are with it.

Get stocked up.
As I mentioned, some kids can be scared of the potty itself, so we also bought a toilet training seat for Aria, as it is something she will need when she's a big bigger too. We got her a step up stool for the toilet/sink so she could wash her hands, as well as some fun soap. We let her pick her own 'big girl pants' as well, so she could feel a lot more excited about the process. We also got a book and sticker book about potty training, which had a little cheer button that made it a bit more exciting. And finally, lots of cleaning products!

Go without nappies/pants for the first few days.
We found this a lot easier, as we could tell when Aria was doing anything and could easily catch it in the potty! It helped to show where it should go, and she picked up the concept really quickly. It's a good idea to do this in the summer when less clothes are needed, and they can play outside which means less mess in the house.

Make it a game.
Once Aria did her business in the potty, we made it a little game of flushing it away in the toilet, waving goodbye to it (her idea!) and then washing her hands. She then got to pick a sticker from her book and get a couple of Cadbury Buttons as a reward! We made sure to give lots of praise and never tell her off for an accident. I think having so much positivist around the potty made it a lot more enjoyable, and she would try use it a lot more to get the praise!

Ask regularly.
It's usually pretty obvious when your child needs to go, but not always! We asked Aria if she needed the potty every 20 min or so, and would actually take her to the potty just to be sure, as there was the odd time she would tell us no, and then a second later have an accident! She quickly got used to that feeling of needing to go, and helped her hold it a little longer if the potty wasn't to hand.

If your child isn't getting the hang of the potty just yet, don't be discouraged. Maybe wait a couple of weeks and try again - they change so much in such a short space of time, that a little break from it might do them the world of good.

Watch YouTube videos. 
As well as reading about it, it's also nice to watch real parents going through potty training and hear directly from them what worked and how they did it. I made this video on potty training, which covers this in a little more detail! There's also lots of cartoons you can watch on potty training with your kids, which can engage them a lot more in what's going on!

I hope you found these tips and tricks useful! If you've any tips of your own, please leave them in the comments if they worked for you as I'd love to hear.

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