9 September 2016


Now that Aria is two, we've been talking a lot about updating her bedroom to a more 'grown up' style, that suits her personality more.

It is currently still decorated in the way we did her nursery. Warm, neutral and cosy. I do love the theme of her room as it is, but it feels like it's time for a little update.

How gorgeous is this bed?! Image taken from my Pinterest board

You may have seen from my Instagram posts that I've caught a bit of the decorating bug recently, and Aria's room is next on the list.

I've been trolling through Pinterest for different themes, and seem to be really drawn to dusky pinks and metallics, which I think will suit her personality well. She's very much a girly girl, and I would like her bedroom to reflect that. I'd also like it to be an area that she can play in more, but not too distracting when it comes to bedtime!

Aria is still in her cot but have been seriously considering the move to a toddler bed soon (even if it means losing out on a full nights sleep for a little while!) and bedding has been top of my list. I love the idea of The Gro Company Gro To Bed bedding, which has a zip up side as well as attached pillowcase, which would make her more secure and less likely to fall/get out of bed as easy!

One of the main things we'll be looking to get it blackout blinds. VELUX Blinds have a great selection of blackout blinds that not only come in plain colours, but also Disney designed too which are extremely adorable! This is a must-purchase as Aria's room is to the back of the house, which gets the sun first thing and can sometimes mean an earlier start than we'd like.

As well as this, I'll be looking to get plenty of accessories such as wall art and trinkets that I hope will transition as she gets older. I've been absolutely loving Desenio for prints at the moment. We got one for our dining room which I adore, and have seen so many that I would love for Aria's room too.

One last thing we need to consider before decorating - and it's a bit of a big one - is whether Aria will be sharing a bedroom at some point. We currently live in a three bedroom house, and if we were ever to have another child, Maya and Aria may need to share a bedroom, or share with a new sibling. It's one of those things that is always in the back of my mind, so when we do decorate her room it will be something we need to consider hugely!

If you have any bedroom ideas, or shops you think I'd love please so leave me a comment below or tag me on social media! I'm forever looking for inspiration for when we do finally get round to decorating!

*this post was kindly sponsored by VELUX Blinds. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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