31 October 2016


How far along? 6 weeks.

Total weight gain? N/A

Maternity clothes? None yet, but some jeans are getting a bit snug!

Stretch marks? None.

Sleep? Getting better, a definite improvement on last week.

Best moment this week? Getting to see the baby was OK in my early scan.

Worst moment this week? Bleeding, which lead to an early scan (more on this in the video below) and constant nausea.

Miss anything? Feeling well! Honestly, this morning sickness is taking it's toll.

Movement? None.

Food cravings? None. If anything, I'm completely off food.

Anything making you feel sick or queezy? Feeling sick in general, but chicken in particular is a big no no!

Gender? N/A

Symptoms? Bleeding, nausea, tiredness mainly.

Belly button in or out? In.

Happy or moody? I'd probably say more moody than happy due to a stressful week!

Looking forward to? Feeling a lot better, and seeing the baby again in a few weeks.

Please check out the video below to hear everything in more detail!

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