10 November 2016


How far along? 15 weeks.

Total weight gain? Not sure! I really should weigh myself...

Maternity clothes? Yes! Jeans definitely, but as it's colder I can get away with my baggier jumpers for now.

Stretch marks? None.

Sleep? A little restless, but I've started using my pregnancy pillow again which is helping a lot.

Best moment this week? Generally just feeling well.

Worst moment this week? Back ache has been quite bad.

Miss anything? Not this week.

Movement? YES! I've been feeling it for the past week or so, which has honestly been so wonderful.

Food cravings? I haven't had any this week.

Anything making you feel sick or queezy? Still chicken!

Gender? N?A

Symptoms? Backache mostly, apart than that I've not had too many symptoms other than the flutters!

Belly button in or out? In.

Happy or moody? Happy.

Looking forward to? Going for a spa evening next week - this mama needs a pamper!

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