15 November 2016


It feels like ages since I blogged. Like properly sat down and wrote. I often go through bursts of inspiration for blog posts and then nothing, and it can be quite frustrating!

Recently though, I've really wanted to get back into blogging more. It's where everything started for me and I feel as though I've lost a little bit of that from me. I've been so focused on my YouTube channel that this part has almost slipped away?

I still read blogs religiously, it's my way of winding down in an evening, like a good book. I read so many amazing stories and wish I could come up with something as inspiring. So I've decided that I'm going to make more time to blog, not just reviews and pregnancy updates which I seem to do most at the moment, but really capture our family life, even if it's just the little moments.

Does anyone else get like this? How do you find yourself getting back on track? I need a little kick up the bum and some ideas to get me motivated again.

I already feel like this post is lacking that spark I am looking for, but I guess this is the best place to start finding it again, right?

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