27 November 2016


I thought we'd gotten away lightly with the terrible two's...

Aria is nearly two-and-a-half and while she's had her moments, if you were to ask me if she was ever 'naughty' I would have to think a little before replying. This week however seems to be a different story.

While I can be quite calm in tantrum situations, this week I've found it a lot harder. I'm not sure if she has been having them more often and more severe, or if my pregnancy hormones are making it harder to cope with. Maybe a mixture of both.

We've had several stand off's over tasks that used to be so easy, such a brushing teeh, or sitting to have dinner. Aria was always keen on brushing her teeth but seems to have found this new level of independence...or stubbornness... where she wants to do it all by herself, and when she can't, she loses it. She cried to the point she can't remember why she's crying, and there's been moments I've been left in tears because I simply cannot reason with her.

Maybe I'm being too hard, but for having a toddler that I thought was quite easy to deal with, she's taken a turn for the worst.

We had a situation last week where she has bit Tom. Something I NEVER expected from our sweet little girl, and the funny thing is is that she knows it's wrong and instantly goes into this huge apologetic mode, where she can't say sorry enough. It's almost out of frustration than naughtiness. She understands when we tell her off and explain how naughty it was, so I don't know why she did it? It's only happened once, but it is something we are obviously nipping in the bud immediately. I had wondered if it was something she'd seen on TV, such as the hyena's in The Lion King, as she's very into imitating characters at the moment. So we've made sure to cut out all kinds of programmes that include things that could influence her badly until she's out of this stage. Or is she just testing boundaries, so see how far she can really go? At this point, who knows?

I'm sure it's all a phase, but it does get incredibly draining when it's been several days and all you've done is fight and reason, rather than play and giggle. There's almost a fear in me of doing something wrong in case I set her off, and it's not how I want to be at all!

Today has been a different day, and I've seen a better side to her with very few tantrums, but my goodness is it exhausting. Being pregnant doesn't make it easier either, as I'm physically and emotionally drained by bedtime and feel I have nothing left to give for Tom, which sets off another level of guilt. He's so supportive and understands completely, but I feel like I've not been the best wife because of it...

Have any of you been through this phase? Please tell me it doesn't last, and if you've any tips with coping please do let me know!

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