21 September 2017


Having eczema is something I've had to 'live with' for over 15 years. What started as a mild case as a teen turned into something quite severe in adulthood, and I often have flare ups that leave both my skin and emotions quite raw. 

A few years ago I was treated in hospital due to the severity of my skin, so what products I put on mine and the children's skin is unbelievably import to me. 


12 August 2017


There's something about pushchairs that gets us parents all excited isn't there? I don't know what it is, but whenever I see someone walk past with one - other than the little dot inside - I find myself admiring and looking at what pushchair it is they're using! Which is why I'm so excited to share with you my thoughts on the iCandy Strawberry. 

First things first, what's in the box. I was pleasantly surprised by the contents of this box. Not only is there the beautiful pushchair frame, but there is also the carry cot, the pushchair seat, a rain-cover, foot cover, adapters for compatible car seats and a lovely little cup holder for a much needed coffee on the go!

Both assembling the carrycot and adapting it to the pushchair seat was surprisingly easy. I often find these quite difficult, but within 5 minutes and a few easy steps, I had this completed with very little stress. 

The design of the iCandy Strawberry is beautiful. It comes in several different colours and the frame is incredibly light and easy to manoeuvre. One thing I look for in a pushchair is how easily I can push with one hand, and this I found to be incredibly easy, possibly the smoothest to move yet!

It collapses with just a simple step and I love that the seat can stay attached. It makes it perfect for travel and the sun canopy is perfect to keep your little ones covered on a sunny day. 

 The chair is extremely comfortable, as Aria is. Happily modelling, and reclines so easily, that it makes is ideal for nap times as it can lie perfectly flat without disturbing your little one. It can also be positioned in both world and parent facing, which for me means that it will last so much longer, and gives me that peace of mind that I can have my baby facing me if I prefer.

The iCandy Strawberry is the perfect choice for travel in my opinion. It is everything I would look for and can highly recommend to anyone looking for a lightweight, easy to use pushchair for your little one. We have a holiday booked in October and I can't wait to take this away with us as I know it will make the perfect travel companion! 

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6 August 2017


Three months old! We officially are out of the newborn stage and have a little baby on our hands! I'm sad to see the newborn days go, but my goodness do they get better as they grow :)


2 July 2017


Olivia is two months old! I'm so sad to be saying goodbye to the newborn stage, but it's so lovely to see her becoming more of a person - and what a little person she is!

She's so incredibly chilled out and smiley - we're definitely seeing signs of the typical second child. She is so content and only cried when something is wrong. Other than that, she just loves to watch and observe, particularly her sister, and you can see she's taking everything in with those massive eyes :)


29 June 2017


I'm writing this on the eve of your third birthday. I've spent most of the evening wrapping and assembling presents, and reminiscing with your daddy about how these three years have gone by so quickly. 

We've watched you grow into the most beautiful, vibrant little lady, and we couldn't be more proud of you. 

You surprise us every single day with how intelligent you are, and your sense of humour never fails to put a smile on our faces.

You've well and truly hit the threenager stage, and I'll be honest with you, you've never been as difficult as you are right now, but it's all worth it.

We love how much you love your little sister, and how affectionate you are towards her. Since becoming a big sister I've never once had to question your love for her. You're gentle, patient, kind, and never jealous. I didn't think we could love you more, until we saw how much you love Olivia. 

So little lady, thank you for a rollercoaster three years. I wish I could put into words just how much we love you. Happy birthday Aria. 

All the love in the world and more, mummy and daddy xx

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19 June 2017


Wow, a month old. Seriously, how is that possible? I thought with our second baby time might slow down a little, but it turns out it goes by just as fast.

I filmed a full update for Olivia on my YouTube channel, which I'll link here - I'll get back to doing a written post on her but I love making videos and it was lovely to sit down with her and film this together!

Head over to my channel now to see how she's getting on at one month old!

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My second Siblings Project post! I feel like I should have been writing these for much longer - I can't imagine life without Olivia here, even though it's been just a little over six weeks since we had her.

Six weeks of being sisters, and Aria and Olivia's bond is growing more and more as each week passes.


31 May 2017


Whenever I was asked how I planned to feed when pregnant with Olivia, I always said breastfeeding. I said it with a quiet confidence that this time it would be so much easier. 

I breasted Aria for 7 weeks and combined fed until she was 10 weeks, when she eventually went onto formula. I was so proud of myself for this, but felt that with this baby I could do it for longer. 

When Olivia arrived, just like her big sister she latched on straight away and our breastfeeding journey started with such ease. We brought her home and I continued to feed on demand for the next three weeks...

26 May 2017


Olivia is now three weeks old. Time isn't slowing down at all and it's been another big week for us all!

As always, I'll quickly start with me...

At three weeks I feel like I'm pretty much back to my pre-pregnancy self. I've still a little jiggle to my tummy which just needs toned when I'm ready to do some exercise. My boobs are still huge with all the milk, but I'm hoping this goes down soon as we are no longer breastfeeding - more on this further down!

Now onto Olivia...

We haven't had Olivia weighed since her last update but she's definitely getting bigger! She feels so heavy now and is starting to grow out of her newborn clothes!

With each week that passes we're finding ourselves in more of a routine, which is great as routine and structure is something that I really need as a mum. Olivia will wake about 6:30 for her morning feed and then go back to sleep until 8 on days that Aria isn't at Playschool. She'll then feed every 3 hours or so and will go down for bed about 11 and wakes around 2/3 for a nighttime feed. It's made the nights much easier with her only really waking once!  

Olivia is much more settled with her sleep and is happy to be in her Moses basket and Snuzpod now, which makes life so much easier! She still loves a nap on us, but she's not dependent on it now. She wakes once/twice in the night and is much more settled when going back down, which may be a mixture of her getting used to life and her being bottle fed now.
I'm going to do a full blog post on our decision to stop breastfeeding, but we are now bottle feeding Olivia and have gradually gone from expressed milk to formula. However, the change has meant the last few days she has had trapped wind and from around 6-10 she's crying in pain. It's awful as a parent to see this, but the health visitors said this is normal and should pass in a few days, and the heatwave isn't helping! Y

Olivia is still in size 1 nappies but is filling out her newborn sleepsuits, so we're now in 1 month and 0-3! She's got such long legs that she fits most things in length, but her little tummy still has room to fill out. 
Our biggest milestone is definitely Olivia smiling! She smiles so much first thing in the morning when she sees us and Aria, which is just the loveliest thing! We've yet to catch it on camera, but she's definitely got a big beaming smile :)

Our other milestone is me no longer breastfeeding, which was a really tough decision but the right one for our family. 

And that's us for three weeks! How on earth is her next update her at one month old? Time really does fly doesn't it?


24 May 2017


Becoming a parent brings a whole new level of excitement to life, and preparing for that little arrival means a lot of shopping is to be done! 

There's a lot of big purchases to be made, and a variety of choices to work through, so to help narrow it down, I'm going to show you my current changing bag, the Storksak Sandy Taupe. 

This is our second baby, so I feel like I know exactly what I'm looking for in a changing bag. It needs to be lightweight, easy to access, have lots of storage, and also look good. This little beauty ticks all the boxes and more. 

18 May 2017


Olivia is two weeks old! Seriously, time needs to slow down just a little.

It's been another whirlwind week and we're slowing getting into more of a routine of life with a newborn and a toddler.


15 May 2017


For months and months, I've envisioned myself writing this blog post, and joining in with a link I've been following for such a long time. The Siblings Project. 

This month has been an incredibly special month for our family, as we welcomed our daughter Olivia into the world. It's been 11 days since she arrived and already it feels like she's been here forever. 



One week has passed since little Olivia was born and my goodness has it gone fast!

As well as an update on my YouTube channel I wanted to write a full update too, especially as I did these with Aria!

So I'll get started quickly with me...


12 May 2017


From the moment we found out we were pregnant, I worried about our biggest girl. Although she has Maya, she is technically the baby of the house and the centre of all our attention. How would a new baby make her feel? 

Fast forward those nine months and we're now a week into life with our newest addition, and I'm wondering what all the worry was about.


10 May 2017


Welcome to the world, baby girl! 

I'm so excited to share with you our second beautiful baby girl, Olivia Margaret, born Thursday 4th May. 

We could not be more in love with her, she has just slotted into our family like a dream and we're all loving life with our little addition! 

Thank you all so much for the lovely messages, we're so grateful for all the love! I'll be back soon with my labour and delivery story! 

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24 April 2017

Oh shit, I have a blog don't I?

It feels like forever since I've blogged. 

I forever hear myself say 'I'm going to blog more' and when it comes to sitting in front of my computer, my mind goes blank. 

Blogging is where everything started for me, and I really treasure this little space on the internet, but I feel like I'm either a blogger or vlogger, not both. 

I simply don't have the mind capacity to do both. I often find it easier to sit in front of a camera and let my mind flow naturally, rather than put it all down on paper. Or screen... 

I thought because I was pregnant I would get my mojo back, as that is how my blog began, but I find my blog slips to the back of my mind and every so often I say 'oh shit, I have a blog don't I?' And panic that I need to get some more content out there. 

But I don't want this to be a place that I HAVE to write, I want to WANT to write. If that makes any sense. 

I'm currently a day over my due date, and have so many thoughts and emotions spinning around my head, that I really feel like blogging would help, so I'm hoping that I can get it down in words and share with you all before the madness of a toddler and newborn take over. 

So this post is a little bit of a hello, I'm sorry, and I'll see you all soon... I hope! :)

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13 March 2017


Firstly, I'ts been a while since I've done a pregnancy update on my blog! But I've been doing them weekly on my YouTube channel, so make sure to go check them out over there too so you are kept up to date :)


12 March 2017


I'm now in the final stretch of my pregnancy and with only 6 weeks to go, I feel like I really need to soak in as much of everything as I can - before life changes completely again!

As this is my second pregnancy, I know that from now things are going to get pretty uncomfortable. Naturally so, as the baby is very close to full term and is running out of room, which is making daily tasks a lot more challenging.

And it's not just the effect the pregnancy is having on me, but also on Aria. Playing with her is getting to be a lot more tiring, and I am clearly in no state to chase her around a soft play, so I'm trying to find ways to continue that quality time with her without wearing myself out completely. I want to do a separate post on her, and our relationship, as I'm feeling quite emotional about it all if I'm honest.

Nesting is something I've been doing a lot of, and after redecorating/tweaking nearly every room in the house (seriously, I went a bit overboard didn't I?) the only room I have left is our bedroom. I'm itching to get started on it, and will hopefully have it done this week before our Snuzpod arrives and gets built ready for the little one's arrival.

I want to make the most of these last few weeks as much as I can - as crazy as it sounds, it's really sinking in that there is going to be a little person arriving at the end of all this! All those kicks, nudges and belly movements are coming from a person. Our little person. And we are so so excited to meet them.

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