12 March 2017


I'm now in the final stretch of my pregnancy and with only 6 weeks to go, I feel like I really need to soak in as much of everything as I can - before life changes completely again!

As this is my second pregnancy, I know that from now things are going to get pretty uncomfortable. Naturally so, as the baby is very close to full term and is running out of room, which is making daily tasks a lot more challenging.

And it's not just the effect the pregnancy is having on me, but also on Aria. Playing with her is getting to be a lot more tiring, and I am clearly in no state to chase her around a soft play, so I'm trying to find ways to continue that quality time with her without wearing myself out completely. I want to do a separate post on her, and our relationship, as I'm feeling quite emotional about it all if I'm honest.

Nesting is something I've been doing a lot of, and after redecorating/tweaking nearly every room in the house (seriously, I went a bit overboard didn't I?) the only room I have left is our bedroom. I'm itching to get started on it, and will hopefully have it done this week before our Snuzpod arrives and gets built ready for the little one's arrival.

I want to make the most of these last few weeks as much as I can - as crazy as it sounds, it's really sinking in that there is going to be a little person arriving at the end of all this! All those kicks, nudges and belly movements are coming from a person. Our little person. And we are so so excited to meet them.

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