12 May 2017


From the moment we found out we were pregnant, I worried about our biggest girl. Although she has Maya, she is technically the baby of the house and the centre of all our attention. How would a new baby make her feel? 

Fast forward those nine months and we're now a week into life with our newest addition, and I'm wondering what all the worry was about.

From the moment Aria met her baby sister Olivia, she has been besotted. She is so gentle, kind and understanding, and I could honestly burst with pride. I'm tearing up even writing this. She's been the best big sister - and the best daughter - we could ask for and the bond they already seem to have is just magical. 

I also worried about how she'd feel with me looking after a baby and having to split my time, and again, it hasn't phased her in the slightest. She's never complained once if I need to stop playing to feed Olivia, and it's actually brought her and her daddy closer together. They've bonded so much this past week and he's been able to do things with her that usually, only mummy was allowed to do. 

In a way it makes me sad, as I really didn't realise until now just how grown up she was, but I couldn't be prouder of her, and my goodness I hope she knows that.

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