15 May 2017


One week has passed since little Olivia was born and my goodness has it gone fast!

As well as an update on my YouTube channel I wanted to write a full update too, especially as I did these with Aria!

So I'll get started quickly with me...

My recovery from labour has gone really well. Labour itself was very easy, but being sent to theatre to have my placenta removed was quite traumatic. It wasn't something I expected at all and was quite scary to go through, but I feel great, actually better than I did after having Aria!

I've just finished a weeks worth of injections and antibiotics from it and feeling really great, aside from a little tender around my stomach. 

Now onto our littlest lady!
At birth, Olivia weighted 7lb8, quite a bit lighter than her big sister, and has been doing incredibly since. At her 5 day check up with the midwife, she actually put on 1oz! This was such a huge boost as I am currently breastfeeding, so to know she's actually gained from her birthweight is incredible. 

As with all newborns, we aren't in a routine at all just now. It's all about what Olivia wants when she wants it! She is feeding every 2/3 hours for around 20 minutes at a time, sometimes more if she's being a bit snacky, and the rest of the time she is usually sleeping! She does have her awake spells, but only for around 20 min or so before she falls fast asleep again. 

Olivia is a big sleeper! I feel like that's all she does just now, but the snuggles are wonderful. On a night she is much more settled now, especially since purchasing the Sleepyhead for our Snuzpod. I was worried it was all hype, but I really has made her settle so well and makes her sleep much better. 
As I said, Olivia is feeding every 2/3 hours and is currently breastfed. We've been doing really well with feeding and as with Aria, I'll continue to as long as it works for us. I managed 10 weeks last time, but I've no pressure to do the same with Olivia. As long as we're happy then I'll keep at it. She's had a couple of formula bottles just as a top up and has taken to both really easily which makes life pretty easy for us!

She is currently in size 1 nappies and newborn/1 month clothes. She's very petite although long, so I think she'll be in this for a little longer. 

It feels like a week of milestones, just with her generally being here! We've had quite a few outings with her, much more than we did with Aria at this stage, but I think that's because she's our second and we're much more confident in what we're doing being out and about. Her cord came off at exactly one week, the same as Aria, which did feel quite emotional for some reason! 

So that is it for our first week! It feels like it's gone past in a blur, and I'm trying to cherish it all as much as possible. 

My birth vlog will be live this weekend, so make sure to check that out on my channel too! 


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