18 May 2017


Olivia is two weeks old! Seriously, time needs to slow down just a little.

It's been another whirlwind week and we're slowing getting into more of a routine of life with a newborn and a toddler.

Firstly, I'll quickly talk about me...

Each day I've been feeling more and more like my normal self, and while I'm still a tad hormonal at times it's definitely settled down a lot since last week!

I was discharged from the midwife at the weekend and they were really pleased with how I've been recovering, especially from the amount of blood lost. I haven't been on iron tables, as my levels were fine when in hospital, which I think has contributed to how well I've been feeling. 

I've also come off my antibiotics and injections which has been great. Although they weren't painful, it's been nice not having to inject myself every morning! 

Now onto our little beauty. 

Olivia was weighed on her 13th day by the midwife, and is now a chunky 8lb12! She's put on 20oz since birth, which is just incredible. She's such a feeder and we have worried she wasn't getting enough, but this more than shows she is thriving and we're doing well with breastfeeding, even if she is on the boob pretty much 24/7!

We're still getting ourselves into a routine obviously, but we're getting back into Aria's quite easily. Getting up and out the door in the mornings has been much easier than I had anticipated, but no doubt something will throw a spanner in the works soon enough!

We're still letting Olivia lead in terms of feeding and napping, but she does seem to have her awake periods around 7/8am and then 9/10 at night.

We've got a bit more of a pattern with Olivia's sleep, and she tends to go 2/3 hours at a time depending on what we're doing. This is the same at night, and tends to wake around 12, 3 and 6 which hasn't been too bad. She's got a bit of a cold so she can get quite unsettled, but nothing a cuddle won't fix! 
I'm still breastfeeding, with an evening bottle of formula thrown in just to get her off to a good start sleeping. It also means Tom can help during the night. While I've expressed a little, we've found that one bottle really helps with nighttime. 

She tends to cluster feed in the morning and around dinner time, otherwise it's every 2/3 hours which has been really great. She latches really well and I feel like she's getting plenty which is such a reassurance. 

Olivia is still is newborn and up to 1 month clothes and size 1 nappies. She's definitely filling out as the odd vest isn't fitting as well now, which makes me a little sad she's growing already! 

I think our biggest milestone has been daddy going back to work. I'll admit, I've found it hard seeing him leave in a morning. Not because I can't handle it on my own, bug because I've loved having him home so much. The day he went back was actually our wedding anniversary, which made it a little harder. Thankfully he's literally a minute from home so I know he's not too far from us. 

So now it's getting back into our usual routine and fitting Olivia in too! Wish us luck!!

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