15 May 2017


For months and months, I've envisioned myself writing this blog post, and joining in with a link I've been following for such a long time. The Siblings Project. 

This month has been an incredibly special month for our family, as we welcomed our daughter Olivia into the world. It's been 11 days since she arrived and already it feels like she's been here forever. 

I often worried myself to sleep at night, thinking how on earth Aria would adapt to a new baby in the house. Of course she has Maya, but with a ten year age gap and only seeing her on a weekend, she is nearly always the full centre of our attention. Would a new baby make her feel different? 

Honestly, we needn't have worried. Aria has taken to being a big sister like a dream, and is utterly besotted with Olivia. It's funny, as each day passes, I see more and more of a bond between them. Olivia obviously hasn't much of a clue what's going on around her, but she's her most content when Aria is lying next to her, giving her kisses and rubbing her nose against hers. 

I've taken so many pictures of the two of them this month. I can't wait to watch their relationship grow, and have it all to look back on in years to come. I hope they grow up to be the best of friends. 
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