19 June 2017


My second Siblings Project post! I feel like I should have been writing these for much longer - I can't imagine life without Olivia here, even though it's been just a little over six weeks since we had her.

Six weeks of being sisters, and Aria and Olivia's bond is growing more and more as each week passes.

Now that Olivia is much more alert and giving us so many smiles, Aria is wanting to be even more involved with her, playing with her, and helping to look after her. She really is a wonderful big sister, and even if it takes me twice as long to dress Olivia and change her nappy, I am so grateful that Aria wants to be so involved with everything to do with her little sister. 

I should also mention Olivia's biggest sister, Maya. Now, I probably should have been doing these siblings posts since Aria was born, but for whatever reason I just never got round to it. Maya is such an incredible help with both girls, and although there's over 10 years difference between them, there's still such a lovely bond between her and her little sisters. 

As it's Father's Day this weekend, I made sure to get a picture of all three girls together, and I really couldn't love this picture more if I tried. Both Tom and I feel incredibly proud to be raising such wonderful girls! 


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