2 July 2017


Olivia is two months old! I'm so sad to be saying goodbye to the newborn stage, but it's so lovely to see her becoming more of a person - and what a little person she is!

She's so incredibly chilled out and smiley - we're definitely seeing signs of the typical second child. She is so content and only cried when something is wrong. Other than that, she just loves to watch and observe, particularly her sister, and you can see she's taking everything in with those massive eyes :)

I'll quickly touch on my recovery, but I'd say I'm back to 'normal' now after the birth. I've still a little weight to lose but I'm happy to do that gradually. I've been on a big health kick this month and having lots of healthy meals as well as a protein shake in the morning, which I've loved. I'll be doing a 'What I Eat in a Day' video on my channel soon, so keep an eye out if you'd like some healthy meal ideas :) 

I think that's all for me - as I said I feel very much like myself now, so I'll move onto Olivia...

We're due to get Olivia weighed this week, so I'll add in her accurate weight shortly, but we're assuming she's around 14lbs from a rough weigh we did ourselves at home! What a chunk, right?

I'm planning to do a full routine video on my channel this month, as we're now seeing more of a pattern to our days. She is feeding every 3/4 hours and going for much longer stretches at night. We've been really impressed with how she's doing! We're very much letting her take the lead in her routine as I just feel that works best, rather than us forcing one upon her.

Olvia is only waking once in the night for a feed now, which is just bliss! We've finally got our evenings back too as she's now upstairs in our room until we join her, which I think is helping as she's got much more peace and quiet. She has around 3/4 naps a day depending how long she sleeps for. Again, it depends what we are doing!

Olivia is doing so well with feeding and is taking around 5oz every 4 hours.

Shes' well and truly in 0-3 clothing and size 2 nappies! 

We are getting smile after smile with her, and it's just magical! She seems so close to laughing too, which we can't wait for. We're also trying to do as much tummy time as we can as she seems to really enjoy it. Lastly, we have her first immunisations this week which I am so nervous about! But, they've got to be done and I'm sure she'll do just fine :)

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