6 August 2017


Three months old! We officially are out of the newborn stage and have a little baby on our hands! I'm sad to see the newborn days go, but my goodness do they get better as they grow :)

So to quickly touch on me, as we're out of that 'fourth trimester' that seems to be hidden from us!
My weight loss seems to have stopped, although I'm still eating relatively healthily. I feel like I'm focusing less on the numbers now, and how my body looks and feels. I really need to tone my stomach, but am happy with my post-pregnancy curves so I just need to do some exercises that will help tighten up that mum tum!

Olivia has changed SO much this past month, and it feels like we've hit a lot of milestones. 
• sleeping through the night• laughing • starting to grasp and move her hands with more accuracy

At 10 weeks and 3 days, Olivia both slept through the night and did her first laugh! I mean, what a great day right? We're really lucky that since then, she's slept through ever since, and we really hope that continues! 

Her laugh is so infectious, and we're all having a little competition to see who can make her laugh next. She seems to love silly noises, and pulling her socks off her feet :)

We haven't had Olivia weighed this month as we were away when the clinic was open, but she's definitely getting bigger as she's outgrown a lot of her clothes! 

I've done a couple of videos on my YouTube channel this month about Olivia's routine, her daily routine and an evening routine for both the girls. I'll link these here: nicolaj.me/eveningroutine

As I said, Olivia is now sleeping through the night which is just incredible! She does a full 12 hours and is up between 6/7am. Her naps through the day are usually no longer than 30 minutes, so we definitely need to work on getting her a bigger afternoon nap in there. 

She's taking 4 bottles a day, and between 6/7oz a time. She definitely loves her milk and we're already getting excited to wean her, as we're pretty sure she's going to love it the way she eyes up our food! 

Olivia is starting to move into her 3-6 month clothes and is soon going to be in size 3 nappies. She's got the lovelies chubby little legs and while she's long, she's solid! I see her so like me as a baby - Aria never seemed to be that chubby!

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